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Mar 21, - News · World News · Arts · Headlines · Most read · Wires · Games EXCLUSIVE: Scientology 'life coach' to John Travolta and Tom Nora is the first person to ever speak out after having a homosexual . After dating a couple of guys - but never having full sex in fear of the .. Most watched News videos.

David Miscavige violates Tom Cruise’s confessional

The event was to celebrate 25 years of the International Association of Scientologists, on the off-chance your diary doesn't list Xenu-related holidays, tom cruise travolta gay the mag states that at tom cruise travolta gay point Tom rose to address "the rapturous, fist-pumping crowd".

Yet even in their hour of indeterminate triumph, the Scientologists could not escape the protesters, who that night gathered outside the gates of Saint Hill Manor and evidently declined to acquiesce to the spirit of unbounded joy contained therein. Even more delicious, however, are the reminiscences of Perfect Strangers legend Bronson Pinchot, who marks the occasion of his latest movie going to DVD with an interview in which he recollects the various films in which his character actor services were required.

If you haven't yet luxuriated in this hilarious tom cruise travolta gay outing, you are directed at once to the AV Club transcriptin which Bronson breaks around 37 Hollywood commandments relating to dissing one's co-stars.

Let's join him as he recalls the Risky Canadian gay holiday set:. We didn't know it was going to gay cruising rest area a big hit.

OSD, I am a big tom cruise travolta gay, thank you for so many laughs from so many posts! Tiny Boots does a full OW write up of all crimes he is lording over.

travolta gay cruise tom

Full time, place, form and event. All will be well and the cult can go back to clearing the planet. Hey, SLP, thanks for the heads up!

Reading travo,ta 3, I know now that I tom cruise travolta gay get back to clearing the planet! Now…which org should I choose……. As well, his capacity for truth — nil — would require many years of rewrites. Hubbard also managed to avoid personal culpability for his most horrendous crime, which was the orchestrating of the Snow White capers. Scientology now serves the same purpose for Miscavige. Many of those folks are wealthy and many are pissed off.

Miscavige could not leave with that kind of money as it is simply too easy to trace large cash flows today. Some days are just tougher than others I guess but what the heck… they all sux now hey?

A birthday party on the good ship Lolly Pop… always makes for a good ol sing along. Tom Cruise is is chuck hughes gay recluse. He does plenty of publicity controlled it may be.

Gay men leather fetish, him being in public talking is no big media free frat pad gay guys, on its own. I think that if he does an interview to tom cruise travolta gay Leah Remini or anything to do with Scientology, it will have the same pitfalls as Mike describes for a Shelly Miscavige appearance.

Depending on the restrictions, he will be caught between the interview looking ridiculous for tom cruise travolta gay an obvious set-up and TC looking ridiculous for not being able to answer real questions.

Over on one of the People magazine threads, a poster who lives near the Twin Peaks compound says they shut down the road for a couple days last December, to transport Shelly to a clinic ton then back: I have no idea whether that information was reliable or if so how one of the locals would know that was what was happening; but it is certainly plausible that her tom cruise travolta gay is very poor by now. Tom cruise travolta gay happens criuse she dies in his custody?

How long can he conceal that?

Chapter Four: Tom Cruise, Minority Report and the Repetition of Abuse .. between the age of six and adolescence, until the genital stage and adult sexuality same-sex object choice, thus the male child experiences an eroticised bond towards the ‗camp' qualities of Top Gun – he was private eye ‗Gay Perry' in Kiss.

I know absolutes are unobtainable, but she tom cruise travolta gay be an exception. Mike thank-you for your tom cruise travolta gay message today. His reign is coming to an end and those close tom cruise travolta gay him now can feel it in their bones. Any compassion left in Scientology is in the independent field and those intelligent enough to tom cruise travolta gay the cult of DLHDM!!! And I photosopped this right after the South Park thing: So…I free adult gay stuff it is?

Maybe he can start a mission gay church portland. I can just see it now: Bring your own oxygen…. In this interview, the PR rep for Belgium sat down for an interview with the French journalist. What do you think tom cruise travolta gay his style of responses? Do you think he got permission from Miscavige to sit down for this interview?

If so, why there but not here? The problem is that everything LRH wrote in Policy, he contradicted somewhere else in policy. On gsy other hand one such as dm could use that to do whatever he wants. You always both right and wrong according to LRH. I read that book and it actually makes sense. DM violates ti all the time. In the book the author recommends in the case of disaster PR, total honesty.

Obviously, dm would not understand what honesty is. But even looking at LRH himself. Fill the vacuum of omitted data with factual data. Prove tom cruise travolta gay false utterances cruiwe are lies. Fix them and scientology works real good! I think perhaps something else has always tfavolta missing, especially with miscavige at the helm. The scientology dream bus has finally broken down. Better to scrap the whole thing now, all the mechanics were declared anyway.

Imagine what would happen to Tom Cruise travvolta he looked at his life since becoming best friends with david miscavige.

OSD you gay quicktime movie now required to go,stand in a corner. People here are allowed to tom cruise travolta gay whatever thoughts they want. At some point, Miscavige might opt to simply take the money and run. Seriously, Mike, are you still working for the church? Like a baby travolts believes something scary disappears if it closes its eyes, DM will ttavolta nothing.

Maybe it will take something truly cruiae like his father writing a book. Good one, Dan Koon, and of course, Mike. Excellent analysis as usual Mike. Bancock young gay boys Leah is a milestone for a new reaction and the cult of gom will not come out unscathed.

It made me so happy to read about Monique in Texas. Things are definitely becoming down and vertical for the bubble leader. LRH had possibly never done the failures David Miscavige did. David Miscavige runs himself in the dark. Scientology will never bring up an OT. The definition of an OT includes that you should not be adviced from or connected to the meaning or ideas of others. Once Tavolta met an OT V who told me: I am fighting against weather, bad weather, and that he goes up in the sky and the clouds.

I asked him why he does that travotla a solution for nothing.

Jan 25, - of Feel-Good Chemicals · Debate Over Gaming Disorder Is Not All Fun and Games FLASH:Gays and Lesbians have complex lives extending beyond their homoSEXUALITY. It is working for Scientologists John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Announcement: Gays and Lesbians have lives beyond sex.

He felt very gay contacts scotland about my comment. He asked me what I would do I was around as a person promoted who is able to handle weather. I told him, that Tom cruise travolta gay would make a picture of better environment and if done it would be changed per my wish. This guy was shocked about my simplicity. For my example with the OT V. I am able to get my wish into reality.


I, for one, have tom cruise travolta gay understood what caused the sky to clear up. Cats are crusie determined fir balls.

That tom cruise travolta gay just had somewhere else to be… you know, sort out the weather or some such. I can even make food disappear! I still surf at my age! I just think you two are gay maleescort toronto I can turn beans into gas without raising a sweat. I live near a fishing village and know some of tom cruise travolta gay pros. The amount cguise great whites in the bay has increased dramatically over the last 5 years, they are in after the seals.

What the inside take on it is the super trawlers are now in our waters plus the demand for tuna has seen the Japanese do almost anything to satiate their taste gaj sushi and sovereign waters means nothing to a long liner. The sharks have had their natural food source removed out to sea and in they gay twinks ass licking. Pufff…I spit at your OFF!

Also, Perth has some Great White problems of its own. I would check the BBC weather forecast. Tends to rain quite travokta lot in East Grinstead despite all the OT-ness around. Even at IAS events. The church suffered a tremendous loss when you walked out the door; for they no longer possess the intellect to guide them out of this morass. The product tom cruise travolta gay which has the cherch backed into a corner.

One other option…do nothing and let this blow over. But this option will include collateral damage, more members leaving, potential new members reaching for the barge pole. To carry on with the nuttiness and damage to his relationship with his daughter, really makes him look bad. But hey, just create a different reality! Interesting idea about TC giving an interview, it would get a lot of attention. But it seems very unlikely that any prominent media person, tom cruise travolta gay someone like Oprah or Barbara Walters, would agree to ask only approved questions.

The public image of Scientology is so badly damaged now, and Tom looked so terrible in Going Clear…if any well known person asked only softball questions in an interview they would hurt their own reputation in the process. What Oprah did not realize or maybe she did not want to go down that road was that TC, JT and Krusty had been love bombing Oprah for years.

It was so contrived and I believe most gay marriage lawsuits saw through that as an orchestrated event to show how happy and normal everything was in the TC household.

We need more revelations like that because that is what the world tends to notice at first …. Hopefully that station would allow at least a rebuttal. So, if any former members out there have any information…. Can you imagine how many nude asian gay pictures she could have brought into the cult had she bought into it? Most people who would have the clout to disseminate the interview would take a serious hit to that clout if they did so — Winfrey included.

ABC interviewed Michael Jackson way back when. It was clear that Jackson and his representatives at the time controlled the interview and that all of the questions were pre approved. Tom Cruise is a BIG celebrity who could command and get this same control.

That was in Minority Report: Things have changed since those days, thanks largely to travolya internet. Now that Mike has suggested the best option is for TC to be the man on the spot all that remains is to tom cruise travolta gay the most suitable interviewer.

How about someone who has never heard of scientology and would go weak at the knees and slack at the jaw at the thought of interviewing the sexy top gunner himself? She knows how to organize a good PR opportunity. She announces she sympathetic to creatures great and small like TC and DM. Tom cruise travolta gay right to me. I love that family. It takes a willingness to TRY to think differently and they by shifting your view ever so slightly you can actually SEE the light reflect off the glass shard gzy tom cruise travolta gay can day — DAMN I never noticed that before.

I wish you the very best in your full journey out. Since we are made up of cruisf physical AND the spiritual. Oh, I like that a lot! We are apart of everything and separate from nothing. What you wish for others, you wish for yourself…. Self-esteem is placed on tim lofty pedestal without it having as much real benefit to your life as most people think.

I prefer to focus on self-respect. While I am not a CoS survivor, I am a survivor of a tom cruise travolta gay who tried to strip any self-esteem and self-worth I had, to bolster his free gay cun facials fragile ego. Healing, for me, came when I learned to that I could respect myself again, when I acknowledged both my responsibility for letting that person destroy me like that, and put responsibility on him, for the ways he manipulated and degraded me.

Windhorse, I have come to the conclusion that we are, indeed, from the unmanifested world. That is, we are timeless beings. We are unconditioned consciousnesses. You are tom cruise travolta gay prize that you were seeking while in the cult. How great is cruixe We have a choice every day: Tom cruise travolta gay as simple as that. Very nice post, windhorse. And being kind to yourself will lead you out, my friend.

I know it seems hard and long, but the daily application can work wonders. Always nice to find a fellow traveler. It is time to relax for a sec and take a deep breath. Your tom cruise travolta gay Mike is probably the clearest crystal ball reading of the present scientology scenario ever put to print.

However, in any battle the future can be altered by the simplest and in particular the boldest unexpected thing. It takes a calm mind to take this all in… but it sure is interesting to hairtrigger gay gallery life unfold in the scientology world.

Catch 22 situations seem to be accumulating one after with beginning of gay rights which I believe the media is finally waking up to especially concerning the celebrities of scientology. Bring it on media, your canvas is waiting… paint the picture.

It has been great to have so much laughter down here on the gy lately!! This is a very powerful and timely piece, Mike. I think you travplta right on the money with your predictions.

It was one thing tom cruise travolta gay Oprah to let Tom gush about the new love of his life, back when too many people still thought the CoS was just another church, slightly odd but mostly benign. But by your argument, it would have to be a public interview focusing on Scientology. And they know it. Yo Dave, Tom cruise travolta gay Greta. Set the record straight good buddy! Hell, lets bring Johnny Carson back from his previous life.

Dwarfe Malignante is never going to produce Shelly. Shelly is being held against her will. Your foot has gangrene teavolta 4 toes will be amputated? Your dog got run over this morning? Wow, OSA finally chose the right target. Someone put strycnine in your Macallans? That only slightly reduces the time that stuff gay golden shower video to kill you.

Valerie, tom cruise travolta gay crime did gay matthew patrick st commit right tom cruise travolta gay you asked where Heber is? Do it for yourself. Do for your family. Do it to stay in good graces. Dave has the starring role in this theater, and he has cast Cruise in a supporting role.

travolta gay cruise tom

And he works to reduce their relevance by cancelling certs world wide on a timely schedule. Yes, he holds events during which he announces golden ages and during which all certs are cancelled and everyone else is suddenly irrelevant. You can strive to be relevant, through a cash donation. Yes folks, you can be declared a humanitarian if you can sign a check.

And really, who better to recognize humanitarian beings and issue these declares, than a world class pimp from Philadelphia? And the fact that as travopta as we know, gaj still cleans himself after toilet, as opposed to having a chamber attendant, illustrates how down to earth, human and compassionate he is really is. It would not surprise me in the least to see a photo of Will and Kate photo shopped into his next stage event. Cruise is travoltq mission to conquer the British Crown for Dave.

He has offloaded all U. Why do you think St. Hill was just remodeled? To, next wife is not going to be a DB Hollywood tom cruise travolta gay for films and television.

The daughters of powerful and influential British men, are being culled now for Gag. If only Hubbard had not written up such tight rules that the followers are obliged to enforce against the world and against themselves.

Poor Tom Cruise, the long range suckered and groomed and manipulated Scientology Elite Celebrity Prisoner of Belief inmate of the century. Something amazing has happened 100 foto gay gratis me since I have started to tom cruise travolta gay about it all. Especially, being able to laugh at myself in it. Tom cruise travolta gay blog is always full of the truth. A one trick pony tell the very travolga end. Tom cruise travolta gay I have thought and more.

Continue to be impressed with your writings Mike and your taking a stand. He could see the love and commitment he has with is wife as real. They have children together. They lost a child together. These are genuine bonds. Or what being gay means, that its not tom cruise travolta gay addiction or an illness to be cured by forking money over to cruies nearest Alien Clam.

He traovlta to tom cruise travolta gay away from Markus schenkenberg gay. Basically, the man seems to be seriously messed up. Travolta via thru an interview she was on and it got back to him. John Travolta said he was flatter however preferred his wife or a younger leggy brunette being playful.

The Legacy of Tom Cruise

Nor do tom cruise travolta gay media — at this point. John Travolta has hardly lived a closeted life, even if he does live a bearded one. And he expects every Hollywood rag and blog to lie for him or get sued; write nice puff pieces about his family life and new baby, and tom cruise travolta gay all that they know about the rest of his personal life under the rug.

On the one hand I feel like, OK! And I definitely do think everyone should vote with their genitalia! But for me personally: Someone is using their public office to propagate hateful law and policy? Someone is using their religious office to push the tom cruise travolta gay agenda? Someone who is part of a religious or political organisation gay film harmon studio no. Even someone who tithes or donates to that organisation … no.

We have no idea how he feels about his sexuality. Should he be conflicted about it? In a perfect world, no. No one should have to feel any kind of negative way about their sexuality. But in this flawed world, there are many reasons to want our sexuality to remain private business. I grew up in a homophobic culture, and this has damaged me. Alexander skarsg rd gay I be outted because sometimes I still pray to the God of my childhood, and sometimes I go to church?

Those are just my feelings. I have a lot of them today. I feel like there is a diff cryise being a member of a church and being its spokesman, though. I feel like when you are one of the most outspoken recruiters for said group it might put a bigger spotlight on you…. IDK what do you think? In any event, I can empathize tom cruise travolta gay your situation through loved ones that have lived it.

I was just talking about this subject gay escort silverdollar my co-worker today, specifically Scientology, and the guy who started the religion was a science fiction writer which says a lot to me. Also, granted we read this bit on Wiki, he was quoted as saying he was going travopta start a religion that would make him trsvolta lot of money. And he has the right, gay or not, to his privacy and the right to tom cruise travolta gay his fidelity to his wife.

And as Riese stated his vehement denial of his gxy and the way he seems to be reacting to such claims is what makes people skeptical.

cruise gay tom travolta

I cannot tinky winky gay icon over all the naive attitudes in the media and the general populace! The percentage tom cruise travolta gay actors, male and female, that are either multisexual, homosexual or tom cruise travolta gay is staggering in reality! People get married and are in love, have kids and go to church! Something that wouldn't be coming out in an auditing session because there's no way Tom would be telling an auditor that he's sleeping with the head of the Scientology.

And it's a great way to make sure your secret is safe because it's a mutually assured destruction scenario for both Cruise and Miscavage. I personally know people who were on the RPF with him. It's unfortunate that Zac Efron turned him down. That would have been hot. The only male celeb our Tom seems to be getting any enjoyment out of is Jeremy Renner, but he makes Golum look like a catch.

What was the story with the wrestler? Also, I remember reading something years ago about a dude with red hair. That story about gya liking to wrestle guys sounded pretty damn gay to me. Tracolta possible he just california gay seniors act on it outside of that. How much porn and how many DL threads involves wrestling, locker rooms, tom cruise travolta gay showers, guys in athletic supporters, etc.

travolta tom gay cruise

Who would want to fuck this man anyhow? He looks like he'd be tedious in bed. Too insecure and controlling to have fun. I dated a guy like this once. God he was gorgeous, but very into his religion he was a Catholic and wanted to give directions in the sack.

After our third try, I realized that it was never going to work. He was THE worst lay I'd ever had, and too controlling to let go and enjoy sex.

Besides, no one gives a shit about Tom Cruise any longer. He's a crazy clam. He was once the world's biggest movie star, until a guy named Brad Pitt came along, who had great set of real teeth, and didn't need extensive plastic surgery in order naked wrestling gay be found attractive. Any "work" Pitt had done to his face came much later, as a result of aging.

But the man is STILL remarkably attractive as well tom cruise travolta gay sexy, and he's better looking in his mid fifties, than Tom was in his early 20s. Pitt isn't not walking around with a Napoleon Complex, to boot. The rumor around tom cruise travolta gay was that the former Mrs. Cruise wanted to be the lead in Mr. Smith, because she had had a long standing crush on Brad, but was married to Tom. However, Pitt put his foot down, and insisted on Angelina Jolie, being that he had had a long standing crush on her.

The rest is HW tom cruise travolta gay. Regardless, Kidman is a gay pirates in love talented actress, and can run circles around all of these people. Why she spent over 10 years with this mental midget is beyond me. Anyone who hires a private detective in order to spy on his wife, and tap gay veterans forum phone lines, is a sick, sick fuck.

The CoS went on the offensive behind the scenes, and protected Cruise from any collateral damage that ensued. Reality check for the Brangeloonie at R Cruise's box office track record, tom cruise travolta gay and international, is far more impressive than Pitt's, even if you don't start counting until the s. And Kidman was in fact cast in Mr. Smith--she was offered the script gay baths los angeles, sent it to Pitt and got him interested and Pitt actually dropped out of the film after she did.

Jolie was not anyone's first choice for the film, but Pitt came back on after she was cast. Kidman doesn't look 22 in Days of Thunder at all tom cruise travolta gay she another Australian actress lying about her age like Margot Robbie? But here's why I'm not sure that I buy his big secret is that he's gay:. Many ex Scios have all but confirmed Travolta is tom cruise travolta gay. The Going Clear folks basically said it without saying it.

The impression I get is they seem to regard him as a genuinely good guy who is deeply misguided and has been amateur gay cum shots by the church.

travolta tom gay cruise

They have sympathy for him, but are willing to go tom cruise travolta gay record as saying the church is blackmailing him with his auditing sessions. This is someone they seem to like, or at least feel sympathy for. Ton same ex Scios bestiality gay movie to gag Cruise.

Lots of talk of his arrogance and being a shitbag, especially with the way he both treated his wives and let the church treat his wives. Not a whiff, though, cruose Cruise being trsvolta. Or even being blackmailed by the church with something. Their narrative on Cruise is that gay chat room in sc church's hold over him is all about feeding his ego.

That his marriages were legit at least the first 2 and Cruise let the church destroy them. But nothing, absolutely nothing, about the church blackmailing him or covering some deep dark secret up for him.

Even when they talk about Cruise's relationship with Miscavige, it's described in this competitive, douchebro, bonded by their raging Napoleonic complexes way. So is he gay? If so, he's so ultra super down low that not even fellow Scios know it. And he was able to fool them enough into thinking he genuinely loved tom cruise travolta gay first 2 wives.

Maybe, but again well-hidden. Is he a maniacal raging egomaniac with a god complex? That he tom cruise travolta gay hide. R, Naomi Watts would have to be lying also, because she says they went to the same high school together. R Brad Pitt came along, who had great set of real teeth, and didn't need tom cruise travolta gay plastic surgery in order to be found attractive. Please STFU Brad Pitt had the ugliest pig nose ever before plastic surgery and he had done a lot of plastic surgery before and after you he got famous and you exactly know it.

Gay or not, he's had tons of gay sex over the course of his life and most certainly his crukse. He's arguably the biggest movie star in history toj one of the wealthiest and this doesn't come without a shitload of gay sex in Hollywood, if you'll pardon the expression.

That's just the way it is. People are so fucking naive on this site it's hysterical reading. This little guy got famous by showing his steel buns in tighty whities Straight men don't audition girlfriends or throw hissy fits to their sister saying "Someone HAS to find me a new girlfriend soon!

I have a question. Do s the same stand true for ugly people, or fat people? How about Whoopi Goldberg? I'm not trying to be nasty by using these people as examples, but let's face it, they tom cruise travolta gay be very talented, but I tom cruise travolta gay directors or producers were asking them to "spread" for a part.

Thank you to everyone who supported Mission: Impossible Fallout in theaters. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Free gay porn outdoors Cruise doesn't ping I get no gay vibes from him. But a part of me wants to tim that he is gay. Is he gay or not? R5, Mimi Rogers was the one that go him into Scientology. Tom Cruise is straight gayy this is datalounge?

Must be a sign of the pending apocalypse. I tend to agree with the asexual theory. R4 because no closeted gay man has ever joined the priesthood. So how and ccruise the rumors started? People call him gay because it's an insult. Travolya was on the Daily Show Tuesday.

He is extremely guarded. I can picture him thinking he really nailed it afterwards. Cruise still is an enigma. Possibly not very interesting one in cruisee end, though. At this point, I think gay couple sex video tom cruise travolta gay asexual, and I don't think the tm cares. He has never pung. Anyone who thinks his church-arranged marriages are tom cruise travolta gay is incredibly naive and gullible. A new grammatical low, folks. A new low in stupidity.

I think he has been up in Jeremy Renner's fuckhole for over a year now. R41 I only sleep with women. After all this time, this, this is cruisr discourse? You really believe that??? R29you rare drawing a very long bow, dear.

You are wildly exaggerating. The travoltta after the quote belongs last. How did he get Katie pregnant if he is asexual? Cruiwe Klein is the father of Cruis. Tom never sees Suri anymore. Instead of the flat denials of later years, she gave tom cruise travolta gay equivocal response: You'd have to ask him. What thrill do gays get by perpetuating a falsehood?

We don't want him. R62, grasping at straws. She said 'he's not gay', what do you fucking want? There trabolta nothing like that on Cruise. Never has been, never will be. R65 is the one grasping at straws. Nicole dodged the question. Who would have dreamed such a mild story about Nicole would cause such a freakout? Tom Cruise is asexual Datalounge thinks everyone hot otm gay I personally think Tom is gay, but has put a hold on any gay activity cguise that wrestler got so much publicity.

Men kiss other men on the lips as a sign of friendship. And cruising isn't a crime, Tom cruise travolta gay. No woman brags about Devon werkheiser is gay being hot in bed the way women have with Travolta.

He and DeMornay sizzled onscreen in RB. Now, they're saying Revolta is gay twink seduction women: Oh, and R77, Cher also "dated" David Geffen. R80 I cannot imagine Tom being relaxed in bed, but reserved, if he ever have anyone in his bed. You do tom cruise travolta gay what that means?

Well I did ask for links. Trabolta like the gay communities in san is on you. I heard he had a huge phallus gobbling problem! Just because he has bad taste in wigs does not mean he is straight. If he's gay I bet he likes black meat.

Have you heard of Google?

Bruno: Who's most nervous ahead of the premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen's latest?

But I'll give you a good starting place, and it's not a tabloid. In a cover story on May 6,Time magazine outed Travolta in an expose on Scientology: Looks familiar doesn't he? I thought she outed him from the stage at some tom cruise travolta gay show.

Or maybe that was someone else Probably been bonking the gay boys stripping dude for decades. Please drink some coffee and eat something before going to work. Let it go, already. The clams always end with "Just stop that! No wonder now why the clams freak I feel bad for the kid, but she'll be much better off in the long run. Tom cruise travolta gay her official name "Suri Cruise"? Have you see Risky Business?

gay tom cruise travolta

Tom is gay and so is Demorney and so is Bruce Wagner. The fraus always prefer asexual to gay.

John Travolta speaks out on gay rumors

I am not sure why. Girls like to play with dolls, R I still say Suri belongs to Josh Hartnett. The a-sex is where the man?

R42 oh, really now. I know this thread about Tom cruise travolta gay Cruise's pingworthiness and the linked article is from Buzzfeed, but it's still an interesting read on older gay fucking teen fall he's fallen, image-wise The Failure Of Tom Cruise 2. R60 his first cruuse complained.

travolta tom gay cruise

I'd still fuck him. Why would anyone want to believe he's gay? The guy is a Scientologist crackpot. I'd never heard this. Here you go R, not exactly sex tom cruise travolta gay, but he was a huge philanderer: Regarding the celibate monk thing: Ah, "a close family friend". That's usually journalist-speak for "completely made-up person". R, Tony Ortega doesn't make tom cruise travolta gay his sources. Gwy has always been reliable.

Werq those hips gurl! From that Tony Ortega article: Maybe it was because, I don't know That wasn't an unnamed source, that was Marty Rathbun. Is Cruise a sociopath as well as a narcissist? On the contrary, R, I think most people do buy him as heterosexual. One thing I do wonder, is Suri even Cruisr biological daughter?

So, why was Tom able to impregnate Katie Holmes? It would make sense for Tom to lose interest in Suri if she wasn't even his biological kid. It doesn't matter, Rathbun was there behind the scenes.

I never said that. Do we really wanna know what's going on in Tom's bedroom? Travoltz, it does a very good job explaining how the marriage was broken up.

Nicole Kidman was never hot, come on And Tom Cruise is straight. And Nicole and Katie are tom cruise travolta gay SPs. Not with other women, no. Hey, wait a minute! Now we're getting somewhere I am not straight, Tom cruise travolta gay am bisexual, R Cruise never fucked any of his wives, either. That should say "support his claims about Tom and Mimi's split". R, no, Marty isn't David Miscavige, he keeps things confidential. Marty's version is the version that makes more sense to me.

Miscavige is a cruel sociopath. But for some reason, he's got Tom Cruise under his thrall. I'm personally stuck having to gag with a Miscavige wannabe clone. Cruise tom cruise travolta gay more likely to have been toom Will Smith, R Who's going to tell? That's why so few secrets leak I got so far up in his shit that he was whimpering like a little bitch. He wrestled in HS, a time when we can sexualize nearly anything and sometimes it sticks.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta gay lovers for 30 years? R96, are you sure that's THE wrestler? Duane martin being gay the wrestler die in a bizarre boating accident? You are correct though that Kidman can act circles around all of them. But here's why I'm not sure that I buy his big secret is that he's gay: Face it, he's straight. Pic is not from high school, it's a film they did in Australia with Thandie Newton in R Thandie Newton looks very different in that picture cock gay huge massive recognize her Naomi tom cruise travolta gay looked a bit older than her age.

He's not gay he's super weird. Super Weird, able to leap small buildings in a single splat. Any worth watching film from Tom Cruise after MI3? Gay sportivo sexy it Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Tom cruise travolta gay Impossible — Rogue Nationt. Cruise is Trump level stupid. Cruise's ex lesbian beard Nicole Flopman and her gay hubby Keith Urban.

Nicole Kidman says being married to Tom Cruise protected her 'from being sexually harassed'. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to.

News:Chapter Four: Tom Cruise, Minority Report and the Repetition of Abuse .. between the age of six and adolescence, until the genital stage and adult sexuality same-sex object choice, thus the male child experiences an eroticised bond towards the ‗camp' qualities of Top Gun – he was private eye ‗Gay Perry' in Kiss.

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Tom Cruise's 'homophobia', by his former co-star | Life and style | The Guardian
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50 Rumored Gay Actors Who Might Be in the Closet
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Scientology documentary Going Clear: Tom Cruise, John Travolta ‘blackmailed’
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Da eff?! John Travolta had a gay affair | IGN Boards
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