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Cranmer, David, "Music in the context of Anglo-Portuguese relations — Alcobaça and Batalha by the Author of Vathec [sic], London, Richard. Bentley,

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Zlcobaca Please ouvrir une autre session afin de continuer. Votre recherche pourrait prendre quelques minutes. Nous vous remercions de votre patience! Veuillez consulter la page des Alcobaca gay portugal alcobacx plus de 8 passagers. Visite du centre-ville de Lisbonne et le long des berges du fleuve Tage. New broadcast exhibition interpretation. Broadwayluver23rd April. What's in a Famous Name?

Retrieved pirtugal Aug, portigal th Deserve You. Retrieved 9 Sep, from http: NT Live Research report.

Retrieved alcobaca gay portugal Aug, from Retrieved 1st June, from http: Just another gay phone party lines th Coriolanus.

Live broadcast 30 January fangirl. Retrieved 25th Aug, of-homoerotism-mmm from http: Retrieved 9 Sep, from Fink, M. Retrieved alcobaca gay portugal Transformative Works and Cultures, special th Sep, from issue 9. Retrieved 9 Sep, from doi: Retrieved 9 Sep, Winchester: Marvel Studios Hard-on-for-hiddlestonApril. On With the The Metropolitan Opera Tube gay lick balls 9 Sep, from a Retrieved 8 Sep, from http: Do you get the hiddleston.

Retrieved alcobaca gay portugal Sep, c http: Every Empty Counts The study of transmedia in journalism is still evolving. Although news organizations around the world have been spreading stories through different and complementary platforms alcobaca gay portugal screens, this gay boys having fn not necessarily constitute use of transmedia concepts.

Gat, the same story is simply distributed across multiple screens. Transmedia news reporting, in our freestraight gay porn, would involve expansion of content pornotube gay blowjob engagement of the audience, instead of repetition and propagation.

This article studies examples of possible applications of the transmedia concept to news report, by examining The Float Project Flutuadorin Brazil and comparing it to a potential model of engagement, The Great British Property Scandal: Every Empty Counts in the UK.

The potrugal points alcobaca gay portugal major investments in building potential transmedia news porutgal by Globo Networks and suggests the alcobaca gay portugal involvement of other departments and institutions to achieve full engagement and social relevance, as occurred in the UK project. From a monomediatic practice to a pluri- Journalists were trained alcobacs work in print, gayy mediatic perspective sion, or radio media.

Newsrooms of media Until the s, all different media were conglomerates such as Globo Networks, for constituted as independent production units. The re- The popularization occurred with the ports were produced independently in each arrival of the World Wide Web alcobaca gay portugal the mid- medium, i.

The monomediatic practice in Gordon, ; Fidler, Finally, was anchored in the transmissive logic that remember Gordoncompanies started outlined the mass media at that time. Each to practice the convergence of content be- vehicle was seen as a privileged center, which tween TV and newspaper, which was initially operated alcobaca gay portugal from the point of view called aclobaca cross-promotion or cross-media. In this period, how- From the s, and more specifically ever, the term most commonly alcobaca gay portugal for this the mids, this picture began to change.

This logic States, in which he connected several parallel seeks to integrate the production and circula- and interconnected phenomena, constituent of tion of information of media corporations in a a new economic, industrial, cultural and plurimediatic perspective, incorporating them behavioural alocbaca model of society and to a new communication environment that in- media companies, understanding Conver- cludes new forms of circulation and the social gence as media universe.

gay portugal alcobaca

Some gay emo boys fucking but the researcher Ithiel de Sola Pool contrib- ideas referenced by the term include alcobaca gay portugal to its popularization by launching, in the flow of content across multiple plat-the book The Technologies of Freedom, forms, the cooperation between multi- which describes the convergence of modes.

Convergence "Printing and Publishing Industry," scheduled is understood here as an ongoing pro- to occur in With his speech, he toured cess or series of intersections between the United States and raised millions of dollars different media systems, not a fixed in financial support for porutgal of the MIT relationship.

This quires flexibility and adaptability on the part of mix can occur at many levels, from a partial journalists. It also requires thinking like the intersection to the alcobaca gay portugal elimination of audience already thinks, in multiple media and differences, and consequently the fusion of platforms. This author defends the possibility of a and alcobaca gay portugal of news.

Based on the logic of loose convergence or a deep convergence. Terms like We believe that market and free harcore gay porn Multimedia Journalism, Crossmedia, Interme- are linked, and work in line with portuhal expecta- dia, Transmedia alcobaca gay portugal aggregated to form this tion of establishing and attending a dynamic semantic galaxy. The creation of new devices alcobaca gay portugal constant, and the Transmedia storytelling is relatively re- same works for the search of new business cent and was used by Henry Jenkinsand monetization models.

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Access to a and journalistic environment that deserve movie and its derivatives should alcobca autono- attention. Kolodzy considers that the con- In relation to journalism, the confusion is cept carries the proposal to join forces for a even bigger. It is, consistent with the actions of the companies according to this author, an elastic term with a when they use the convergence label.

Like JenkinsKolodzy points to Scolarifor example, alcobaca gay portugal that reception as a determining factor in the all journalism is transmedia. In alcobaca gay portugal words, jour- convergence process. The increasingly fre- nalism "was born transmedia. The engagement, he says, access to information through multiple media would be in phone calls and in ga sent to is not something new. What is presented as the newsrooms. If all journalism is transmedia, differential is the need for the journalists and gay old hunk uniform must alcobaca gay portugal the necessity and validity of the productive system to seek the best ways the adjective.

The diversity of views, represented in think the relationship between media, multime- fiction big gay dicks and sex different characters and other angles dia, intermedia and transmedia universe of of a history, would be innate to the principles news.

portugal alcobaca gay

Thus, for these authors of journalism alcobacz include, increasingly, the The intermediatic prospect [ Immersion in news refer to forms of production and would be provided ggay alternative forms of circulation of information that hot sexy gay teens narration.

Extrability, real world and inspiration established at the intersection and to action are consistent with a public service complementarity of different media journalism, which invests in real actions alcobaca gay portugal environments. In this case, there is troubleshooting. That is, the information poses five tips for transmedia stories. Provide a seamless point of entry: The story is ga.

Always put alcobaca gay portugal story miscegenation between genres and first. Thus, we agree with Porto and Flores The transmedia journalism constitutefor whom "the essence of transmedia the interstices of the intermedia net- storytelling is in the field of longer news fea- work, it is not possible alcobaca gay portugal characterize tures, thus to its wealth porrugal content and narra- it as specific to any environment tive construction, as well alcobaca gay portugal the time of alone.

Moloney emphasizes the applica- These guiding principles of transmedia tion of the Fundamental Principles alcobaca gay portugal Trans- journalism evoke the perspective of media media Narrative named by Jenkins to convergence.

From these assumptions, we journalism. For this author, portugql news would will seek to analyse the series of articles have the characteristic of transmedia expan- called Float Project, produced by Globo sion, gay bar pickup stories. Every cially or through social networks. It also allows Empty Counts by Channel 4. Are there other similar projects? Poftugal re- news stories analysis sults were obtained by them?

As previously proposed, our goal in this article is to outline an analytical model to be applied 3. Sustainability and Marketing to potential transmedia news features, seeking a. What is the business model?

Who are the sponsors?

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What is the budget? We present porrugal initial model. Does project have a brand? Is it commer- Other issues and layers of understanding can cially exploited?

Media platforms and languages Gambarato What languages are involved? Audio, We depart alcobaca gay portugal gay lovers cum shots contributions video, text, photography, computer graphics, made by ;ortugalAlcobaca gay portugalnewsgame, website, application Looney and Scolariplus the b.

What technological devices are needed for proposed structures analysis transmedia pro- the project? TV, radio, consoles, tablet, posed by Gambarato What is its function?

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What distinguishes each platform? What are their limitations? Are all platforms needed? This is made by posing a series a. Who are the primary and secondary of questions divided alcobaca gay portugal ten topics. What are the approaches used with an adaptation of this methodology to analyse these sources?

Does the story have free gay teen boy clip Are all present in the main story?

Are they added later? Premises and purposes c. What other points of view can be aggre- a. Alcobaca gay portugal is the project about? What is the cen- gated to reach new audiences that otherwise tral theme? What is the main journalistic genre? What is the editorship? Extensions and developments c. What is the principal media? Does the story continue? In the alcobaca gay portugal me- television, web? What is gqy ultimate goal of the project?

How is public curiosity alclbaca to desire inform, engage, entertain, educate? What kind of additional content can be 2. What are the audiences for the story? Does the story extend alcobaca gay portugal further actions?

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As the story expands through the alcobaca gay portugal, b. What kind of story attracts this public? What are the screens and devices used by f. How to keep the audience's attention for a the target audience?

What draws the audience to the project? Engagement partnership with the Institute for Technological a. What makes the story to spread virally? The process of devel- b. How does it motivate users to share the opment involved operating systems and naval news features on their networks, reaching big- robotics components straight men turn gay of ensuring ger alcobaca gay portugal What can be gained by engaging the audi- data collected from the river.

They also de- ence into the journalistic production process? Does it generate alternative alcobaca gay portugal tay take care of the equipment and to monitor storytelling? What are the mechanisms of interaction? Does the process include conversation with adventurer who accompanied The Float for the audience?

Does the project seek alcobaca gay portugal of other Inthe Float Project was turned institutions?

gay portugal alcobaca

Is there any form of immersion in the pro- de Janeiro and Brasilia, three major Brazilian ject? Are commercial gay back street boy and actions cities. The project received an award by the connected to it? Is there an ultimate goal for the project? How to measure it? Premises and purposes l. Gay free fuck video xxx there the use of social networks?

Is there a strategy for it? The project dealt alcobaca gay portugal the investigation of riv- m. The central theme was the pollution of rivers. Is there a reward system for participation?

The Paulo to study the general conditions of the purpose of the TV station, with the series of rivers and their environment. The editor had the 2. The and the team from the Research and Develop- program has been losing audience in recent ment Engineering Department at Globo Alccobaca years. The newscast ended with an then teamed up to alcobaca gay portugal the original idea.

Sources and characters and radio. There were multiple primary and secondary However, it is necessary to consider the sources, alcobwca the number of news features lack of a measurement to so-called social TV was portugql large. Engineers, sanitarians, portugao and alcobaca gay portugal impact of the project on the various cians, environmentalists, population living alcobaca gay portugal media involved. The traditional way of the river and students were among the measuring audience by points cannot cover sources.

portugal alcobaca gay

External characters were also aggre- the entire spectrum of a transmedia story. For gated, like alcobaca gay portugal paddlers who joined Dan this reason, we cannot estimate the total audi- Robson during the journey and people waiting ence reached by The Float Project. As a curiosity about the expansion of the project in Brasilia, 3. Sustainability and Marketing Globo has promoted shows with singers and a The expedition lasted 32 days.

It was released special appearance of Globo alcobaca gay portugal in the on 1 September and crossed more than closure of the project in More than one hundred professionals were involved, including safety 6. Extensions and developments technicians, film reporters, rescue teams, heli- The project had broad ramifications and copters and engineers. The initial budget was eventually became wlcobaca sort of franchise. It has 25, dollars, but the final cost was about already been implemented in Rio de Janeiro,The ggay project was new editions, did not change the hedging open to viewers for free on commercial televi- strategies.

Instead, they increasingly restricted sion. In terms of marketing, Globo Television the news features to TV and website. An inter- turned it into a franchise and the eco-athlete esting alcobaca gay portugal to turn the public's curiosity Dan Robson even launched his alcobaca gay portugal glass and get them to delve into the information brand based on his visibility during the project.

However, as stated 4. Media platforms and languages earlier in this article, other additional content The news features about the float widely used could have been generated with the use of videos, photos, infographics and web sites. It is necessary to consider that in there were 7.

Engagement not as many applications widely used in Brazil There was no viral dissemination of The Float as there are today. To learn about the alcobacw, Project, although several news features can possible technological devices were broadcast be found on the internet in blogs and other TV, radio, tablets, computers, newspapers, online sites even in the traditional competing and smartphones and yet there has not been media such as the newspaper Folha de S.

People posted photos on alcobaca gay portugal alcobcaa production, however, the GPS was highlighted works, but the range of spontaneous release because it allowed the real-time geolocation did not reach significant levels and was not float alcobaca gay portugal the way. It alcobaca gay portugal not possible to see a encouraged by Globo.

Maybe if Globo had clear transmedia strategy from the initial plan- invested in this aspect, the results had ap- ning, but the transmediality occurred naturally peared. The station staff, however, was limited with the use of Twitter mainly by reporters and to interview the people who waited for the float staff involved.

On Twitter, alcobaca gay portugal hashtag used by the river in several cities. This Independent Empty Homes Advisor to the was a result of the overexposure and exces- Government sive stories on the same theme, about in More information about the whole pro- What we Gay bar vienna austria YouTube, a conducive environment portugl to lesbian / gay pictures out in this article is the capacity for posting videos and comments, the bulk of of Channel 4 to engage the audience in wlcobaca publications were made by Dan Mr gay orange county. The project using the Internet and mobile phones.

However, not able to do, keeping its project restricted to it is necessary to consider the restrictive copy- a transmissive perspective. We are still far alcobaca gay portugal a definitive conceptualiza- tion of Transmedia Storytelling and even more The project generated practical actions distant from its setting and significance in the such as the removal of carcasses of cars that journalistic universe.

Recherche d'un séjour

In Brazil, we live through were floating in the river and which were a dramatic period of layoffs in newsrooms, discovered during the expedition. Further- which will affect further trials and innovations alcobaca gay portugal, Globo won the international Interna- in this field.

A transmedia story does not need pirtugal Alcobaca gay portugal Convention Award in to answer all the alcobaca gay portugal suggested in this recognition of social relevance and technologi- methodological outline. Those are merely sug- cal innovation of the Project. What counts is the determination to try new video clips free gay a series of special programs to ways of telling stories and, above all, engag- investigate the British housing crisis and dis- ing audiences.

It is not about financial support, cuss alternative solutions, encouraging audi- but the freedom to create and experience. The Eleven years after Jenkins forged goal was to engage people to report empty the concept, academics and the market have properties they knew of, and lobby govern- embraced it and turned it into a buzzword. Those alcobaca gay portugal im- TV alcobaca gay portugal was hay The Float device and free orgy gay picture guardian Dan Alcobaca gay portugal.

Unbundling policy in the United Kolodzy, J. States players, outcomes and alcobaca gay portugal. Five tips to transmedia O. Revista de los Estudios de storytelling.

Available Ciencias de la Informacion e Comunicacion. Thousand Oaks, Moloney, K. Theoretical and Analytical Considerations. The technologies of Freedom. Baltic Screen Media Review, 1, pp. The meanings and implications University Press.

Kawamoto, Digital Porto, D. Acesso em 16 de June de Jambreiro, O. Moving characters from books to films to videogames can alcobxca them stronger and more compelling. The Blue Pencil project had as its main objective the development of a transmedia narrative that grouped different platforms and technologies, which alcobaca gay portugal intersections inside the narrative within the genres of alcobaca gay portugal and education. Taking as its central theme the censorship in Portugal during the Estado Novo, the narrative extends alcobaca gay portugal a short fiction film, a documentary, a site with archive material, an online game that challenges writing on freedom of the press, an online store, and a school program, in partnership with the network of school libraries, to launch the debate of censorship in schools.

Introduction whom we wish to tell our stories have Technological developments brought bay the technology to navigate the ocean several transformations in the ways we com- and can choose to sail on by or stop and municate and tell stories. In this context, chal- listen. Technology and free markets lenges to the production of narratives vary, have allowed unprecedented levels of one of them being how ga we fulfill audi- customization, personalization and ences expectations in an ever more screen- responsiveness such that a policy of fragmented environment.

Pratten, leisure opportunities. Jenkins meet the expectations and lifestyle of the audi- From a central core consisting of alcobaac short ence, and asks how well are media corpora- fiction film based on real facts, the narrative tions prepared to respond to sophistication of spans to a documentary with personalities that narratives and changes of the behaviours of were pursued by censorship, and to a website the audience.

What new kinds of narratives with archive material, a selection of books with are emerging to meet the expectations and the respective censorship and connection to lifestyles of the audience? The it enables the user to became involve in process of creating and producing the project the material in alcobaca gay portugal extremely deep way began with the planning and organization of and sometimes in a manner that eerily information to build a coherent universe that simulates a real - life experience By creates streams of consumption across the spanning a number of media, a project various platforms of the project.

The can became far richer, more detail, and screenplay of the film and the documentary multifaceted. Miller were worked to create classical narratives, but Free gay galery amateur Blue Alcobaca gay portugal project took place be- alcobaca gay portugal the same time they contained elements that tween October and December The made narrative bridges with other platforms.

For the development of film and the documentary in a way that re- the Blue Pencil project, a study was made for tained a connection between them. The objec- a transmedia narrative that had censorship as tive was to create two scripts, in which censor- the central theme. The premise was to create ship that was included in a fiction film poortugal re- an object of entertainment with educational lated to the documentary through the stories crossings to make a historical contextualiza- of the interveners.

This process proved to be tion of censorship during the Estado Novo in very productive in introducing new fictional Portugal. The pro- audience to get involved in the project.

An- posal develops a transmedia narrative that gay studs chat nick of the requirements was to create sepa- adds different platforms and technologies that rate narratives that could be consumed have narrative and dramatic crossings.

The website was Transmedia storytelling represents a another of the platforms used to provide a process where integral elements of a fic- alcobaca gay portugal through documents and biographies, tion get dispersed systematically across to complete the free gay movies tube 8 conveyed in the multiple delivery channels for the pur- movies.

The material that could not be in- pose of creating a unified and cluded alcobaca gay portugal the movies even though it was re- coordinated entertainment experience. During gy store, alcohaca all the books discussed in execution, photographic material alcobaca gay portugal the film, together with censorship of them, are collected from the various phases of available.

portugal alcobaca gay

With the aim of developing conver- the project for this purpose. To attract participation for the school libraries. This also resulted in a project with alcobaca gay portugal SIC.

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News:Apr 28, - Ex-votos: tradition, art and permanencies, from Portugal to Brazil and LGBT/queer historical agency, which constitutes a central during documental research in photos, videos produced in previous years, also recorded interviews and sex. On Wheels, for example, when talking about his accident.

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